Vision, Mission and Values

Vision (the world we want to live in)

A world in which performing arts are within reach of everyone.

Mission (what we do to contribute to the vision)

The Perth Theatre Project, including Studio Theatre Perth, is a volunteer-run, community theatre that actively contributes to Perth’s rich arts community by:

  • Seeking to expand appreciation for performance arts across our community.
  • Presenting performance arts events that both entertain and engage our audiences and supporters.
  • Affording opportunities to develop and enhance performance and technical skills in our community.
  • Providing a forum for visual artists to showcase their work.

Values (core beliefs that inspire and guide our choices)

We believe in:

  • making the arts available to all
  • embracing diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging
  • being a positive, welcoming community space to learn, practice, present, create and experiment.
  • engaging volunteers, audiences, supporters, and the business community
  • cultivating partnerships and working relationships that enrich both our artistic program and our operational approach.
  • fostering a culture of simultaneously attracting new audiences and encouraging repeat attendance and loyalty
  • being financially viable and sustainable