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Saturdays 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
(Includes a 20-30 min break)


Apr 1  Janet Rice – Play Writing  (Part 1 of 2)

Janet will be covering the art of the 10-minute play and its elements as well as writing techniques. There will also be opportunities for students to practice.

Apr 15 Dani Corbishley – Choreography and story-ography

Dani will teach some basic steps, work on part of a piece with the participants, show them how she breaks down the song using the story to instruct the movement. Comfortable clothing and shoes are a must for this one.

Apr  22 Allison Graham – Acting 101 and the process of Auditioning

Allison will cover acting techniques and methods while exploring scene work, improv, and character development. The business of acting will also be discussed: What opportunities are available ? Where and how to audition? What is a director looking for?

April 29  Janet Rice – 10 min plays – (part 2) – Critiques and Presentation

Participants return with their written plays, and share, and critique each other’s material. Some plays will be workshopped or performed by participants

 May 6  Allison Graham – Stage vs Screen – Acting techniques

Working a scene on stage, translating, and presenting it on camera – differences between stage and screen acting – exploring the various techniques and methods used in screen work for the camera versus monologue preparation for the stage.

May 13  Dave Corbishley – Sound Lighting and Stage Management workshop

introduces participants to the technical aspects of theatre (behind the scenes, using spotlights, microphones, lighting, and sound effects). What are the parts of the stage, and what it means to ‘call a show’.

May 27  Dani Corbishley – Improv fun and techniques

Improv styles and techniques to develop quick thinking and storytelling.  Exercises and games to sharpen concentration and communication skills, thinking on your feet.

 June 3  Alexis Scott – Mask Making and Movement  

Explore and celebrate your own unique expression on stage. Students will be guided through a series of fun exercises that will encourage joy, an awareness of the audience, and honest emotional and physical responses to the script.

June 10  Emily Poole – Theatrical Makeup Techniques -Basics

Learn the tools of the trade, secrets on how to age a face with makeup, techniques for creating wounds, aging faces, and creating bruises. This is a hands-on workshop.

June  17   Alexis Scott – Vocal Techniques

Explores song speech and choral speaking

Participants will be guided through a series of exercises that will help them develop an awareness of breath, projection, and diction.

June 24   Donna  Sproule – Costume Creativity 

Donna will cover how to “build” expressive costumes with found items. Participants explore the process and build their own unique headdresses.

Wed June 28 @ 7 pm.    PYP SHOWTIME

Parent’s night – Free performances and displays of work – open to all.