Play Submission and Play Reading Committee

Interested in submitting and reading plays for us?

Each new season, Studio Theatre Perth looks for new play submissions and play directors,

You are invited to propose your favorite play, to champion and promote it and to detail how you see it being presented in our theatre

We strive for balance in our season– choosing plays from numerous genres, including Canadian theatre, musicals, dramas, comedies, classics, mysteries, and big screen movie adaptations.  We want to hear about plays that you love, that you think would do well on our stage and in our town.  We are interested in plays that you feel would be possible to mount successfully in our physical space, and in plays that support equity, diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility in the community and on the stage. We are looking for plays that give acting opportunities for all ages of actors.

All submissions will be considered, and a cross-section of play genres will be chosen by our Artistic Director to proceed to the play reading committee.  It should be noted that priority will be given to proposed plays that meet the above criteria and come with an experienced theatre director on board, who is willing and able to assemble a team, work with our Board and steer the production to a successful outcome.

In signing up for the play reading committee, you will need to commit to reading and rating as many as 15 plays, using a play selection rating tool.  You will be invited to take part in the final selection and season construction proposal that will be presented to the Theatre Board for approval.