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Music at Studio Theatre Perth

We are ‘navigating’ COVID and government guidelines at the moment, which means moving the concerts on July 3rdth and July 26th (to be safe) to alternate dates.  We have been waiting, in fact holding off,  for the government announcement about early-stage 2 prior to July 2nd, unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet.  To avoid a complete last-minute upset, we have new dates for Lynn Miles and Free Spirit Group with Roddy Ellias & Kellylee Evans.  
Lynn Miles: August 14, 2021 @7pm
Free Spirt Group featuring Roddy Ellias & Kellylee Evans: September 25, 2021 @7pm
Please ensure you mark this on your calendar(s).
We are patiently waiting for the passes to arrive and will mail them out.  We are disappointed with the concert rescheduling but health and safety is paramount.
Please check our website at www.harmonyconcerts.ca for more information
Wishing you all the best health and happiness, 
Looking forward to seeing you.
Jan and the Harmony Team
Here is our 2021 lineup for the new series in Town of Perth, hosted by Studio Theatre Perth!

You are not going to be disappointed and certainly not bored. Our lineup is long and diverse and we are thrilled.

Who will you see?

Lynn Miles
Roddy Ellias
Kellylee Evans
Heather Rankin Music
Anna Ludlow Music
Catherine MacLellan
Lynne Hanson Musician
Pete Woods
Miss Emily
Tony D
Angelique Francis
Suzie Vinnick Music
The Barrel Boys
Marleen Fawcett w/Mountain Breeze

Season passes will go on sale on March, 26 and a very limited number. A great way to attend as many as you want at a discounted rate and be guaranteed a seat!

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Purchase Your Pass

Direct link to purchase a pass now

We are so happy to be partnered with Studio Theatre Perth to launch our new series in Town of Perth
COVID has caused many challenges for the performing arts, Studio Theatre Perth had to cancel many live productions. We are happy to have COVID protocols in place to provide a safe live music experience and enjoy this amazing space.

We are pleased to announce that a portion of all ticket and pass sales, between March 25-April 16, for our presentations in Perth, will be donated to the theatre. We will donate to the “Help keep the lights on” campaign.
If you are thinking of attending any of our live music events don’t delay….seats will be limited according to Government regulations.

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