Lobby Art

Caroline Evans art image 1About  local artist Caroline Evans

 “I have always wanted to be an artist, but at school was marked out for academics and I went to university for Geography followed by teaching qualifications and a professional Certificate in Ecology and Conservation. My art became subsumed into my teaching- worksheets, blackboard drawing, field sketching, map-making, and always incorporated something vaguely left-brain- descriptions, data, graphs, equations, physics, and chemistry and biology where required. Whilst at Uni I took extra-curricular courses and classes where I could. Silversmithing at Sir John Cass School of Art, pottery at night school, and weaving with my teacher training. I also made costumes for local drama productions and re-enactors, clothes for myself and my family, and jewellery for friends and myself. I also collaged, painted household items, and generally exercised my art muscles as best I could.

​I married into the Canadian military which meant that my academic qualifications were not so well understood, and the constant moving from one location to another meant that I basically took whatever teaching job was available. Since I had a track record of working well with students with learning differences, that is what brought in the money. In 2009, we moved to Louisiana and I decided then and there to start painting again seriously. I joined an art group, painted, exhibited and taught oil. I haven’t looked back from that point- still taking classes where I can, teaching what I know about art from time to time, and gradually building up a body of work that I am proud of.”

More information about Caroline can be found at https://www.studiobythetay.com/