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Chris is a self-taught artist who paints mainly in acrylic but also loves oils and the creativity of multi-media art.  Chris is a successful custom artist who can take your ideas and turn them into a custom piece of art you will love.

Chris owned and operated a professional photography studio in Belleville, ON for many years where she focused on composition, light and colour. Being a huge fan of travel, drives on country roads and a peaceful walk in the woods, Chris has captured countless beautiful photographs over the years that are now the inspiration for her landscape paintings.

Multi-Media painting is a more recent passion for Chris but one that is quickly becoming a favourite.  Bringing pieces of nature into a painting is combining two things she loves for unique and stunning results.

 ​ “I love the challenge of learning a new technique or style, using a different colour palette or subject.  I also love that I will never run out of inspiration, subjects and ideas.”

Chris Dickson

Contact Information
Curator:  Claire Jacobs   613-850-3920
Artist:      Chris Dickson  613-485-6876