covid mask image

Although masking is no longer mandatory in Ontario or in our theatre, individuals should consider wearing masks in indoor settings, particularly in situations where physical distancing may be difficult or impossible.

  • When using a mask, select the best quality one available to you.
  • Some individuals may choose to keep wearing masks in places where they are not required; please be kind and respectful of others’ choices.
  • When attending a gathering, always bring your mask with you. There may be times when others will not be comfortable being around maskless people, or they could be at high-risk, and they may ask you to mask-up.
  • It’s important to remember that wearing a mask is something we can all do to help to protect those who remain at higher risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19.

In addition to mask-wearing patrons are encouraged to:

  1. Stay home while sick
  2. Vaccinate against COVID-19

When possible, we encourage physical distancing while in the theatre and ask that you leave at least two seats between your group and the next.