Buy A Membership

How to Buy Your Studio Theatre Perth Membership

– Fill out the form below to apply for your membership and submit
– Send a $10 payment via e-transfer to (noting “Membership” in memo space)
 – Print the form and send it by mail with a $10 cheque to:
     Studio Theatre Perth
     Attn: Treasurer
     63 Gore St. E, Unit 2
     Perth ON  K7H 1H8

    Membership Cards can be picked up at the upcoming AGM. Your name will be added to our AGM invite list. Thanks for supporting community theatre

    Perth Theatre Project (PTP) Tier A Membership Guidelines

    Tier A – Non-voting members (information only)

    • This membership is mandatory for directors and actors over 16 years of age and recommended for all volunteers.
    • A $10 annual membership fee will be paid
    • Benefits of this membership include:
      • Receipt of a membership card (valid from AGM to AGM)
      • An opportunity to show your support of the community and Studio Theatre
      • An invitation to the AGM
      • Invitations to special events

    Tier B or voting memberships are available in second year of membership to PTP. Please contact for more details

    In order to attend and vote at an AGM, membership may be purchased on the website up to three months prior to the AGM or in person at the AGM. Memberships purchased more than three months prior to the AGM will not be valid for the term beginning at that AGM.