Audition For Studio Theatre Perth Productions

Studio Theatre Productions Auditions “Alone Together Again”

by Lawrence Roman
Directed by Grey Masson

in the Studio Theatre Perth on Mon., November 26 and Wed., November 28 at 7 p.m.

Production Dates: February 21 – March 3, 2019


Now that their three grown sons have FINALLY moved out, George and Helena Butler now have the time to do what they want. He can’t wait to study the tax codes and enjoy alone time with his wife. She just wants to paint and be the object of her husband’s affections. But their parents have realized that without any of the boys at home, Helena and George have lots of time and space, and think filling it up is the ideal thing to do.

This hilarious Broadway comedy has three women and two men:
Cast requirements (2 Females, 3 Males)
Helena Butler, 50s
George Butler, 50s
Frank, Helena’s father, 70s
Ruth, Helena’s mother, 70s
Grace, George’s mother, 70s

The ages can be played with a bit, but not too much – George and Helena have to be old
enough to finally be empty-nesters.

Rehearsals – Monday, Wednesday and Sunday evenings starting Sunday, December 9. There will be no rehearsals from December 20 to January 1.

Note: There are some positions open for other important roles of this production, not just cast members, so if you would like to try a backstage type role contact Grey Masson.
Perusal scripts may be picked up in Perth for a 48-hour maximum period by contacting Joanna McAuley-Treffers – 613-801- 4212 or Email:

For additional information or if you are unable to make the audition time please contact Grey Masson: email: