Parry Awards

David and Patricia Parry

L to R.. Patricia Parry, Penny Silberhorn, David Parry

In the summer of 2018 Perth’s Studio Theatre inaugurated the Parry Award, a special tribute created to honour long-time theatre volunteers David and Patricia Parry.

The Parry’s are theatre veterans who’ve done it all, won it all, and seen it all in community theatre. In a world where there are no pay cheques, actors, directors and stage crew are all volunteers who commit hundreds of hours to each production simply for the love of theatre. This passion for creating quality theatre has driven the Parry’s for more than four decades.

The Parry award is now given annually to a Studio Theatre volunteer who has made an exceptional gift of their time, talent, or monetary support.

So, next time you enjoy a play or concert at Studio Theatre in Perth, consider the role that David and Patricia Parry have played in making Perth a destination for outstanding live theatre.

2021 Recipient – Diane Gunning

Diane Gunning Award Image

Penny Silberhorn (l) and Diane Gunning

At the Annual General Meeting on Oct 17th, Diane Gunning was presented with the 2021 Parry Award.

Diane has been with the Studio Theatre for the past 10 years and has played a vital role in keeping the theatre box office operating smoothly.

She has served as an Officer of the Board of Directors for many years, and until recently, as Box Office Manager.

Diane developed some super-efficient methods and procedures for processing tickets and related revenue and the theatre will continue to benefit from her legacy. Her honesty and integrity are above reproach and her organizational are skills exemplary.

Diane’s organization of box office statistics has been invaluable over the years. Whenever the Board asked if she had information on a certain show or aspect of ticket sales, Diane either had a detailed report ready or researched her extensive records for the answers.

Always willing and seemingly tireless, she staffed the box office at many performances and events, filling in whenever necessary, making sure the position was always filled. She also opened the box off every Saturday morning during the summer.

Diane was often the first person a patron would see on entering the theatre. She unfailingly welcomed patrons with a smile, willing to assist when they need help, was understanding, patient and diplomatic when things occasionally went awry. Many people over the years have commented on how helpful “that lady at the Box Office was”.

Diane has recently resigned her position and will be sorely missed.

Congratulations Diane!

2020 Recipient- Liz Theobald

Penny Silberhorn , Liz Theobald, Robert FeDuke

Penny Silberhorn , Liz Theobald, Robert FeDuke

At the Annual General Meeting on Sept 15th, Liz Theobald was presented with the 2020 Parry Award.

Liz as House Manager has been welcoming audiences into The Studio Theatre for longer than most of the current actors, directors and crew have been around.
Liz also doubles as our Volunteer Coordinator at the Studio.  Not only does she recruit individuals for volunteer duties but she never fails to express appreciation making volunteers feel valued. She does her job cheerfully and is always pleasant to deal with – inspiring others to contribute. The volunteers keep coming back in large part because of Liz’s patience, warmth and kindness.
Liz has also acted in several productions, worked as Secretary to the Board for a number of years, is the Fire Safety Supervisor and actively participates in all our promotional events.
Whatever task Liz takes on, she does so with diligence, grace and always with a smile. She is irreplaceable and deserves to be recognized for her dedication and tireless efforts along with her extraordinary gift of time and talent.

2019 Recipients- Penny and Reiner Silberhorn

L- Reiner Silberhorn, R- Penny Silberhorn

At the Annual General Meeting on June 25th Penny and Reiner Silberhorn were presented with the 2019 Studio Theatre Parry Award, in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the work of Perth’s community theatre.

Penny Silberhorn has been the president of the Studio theatre for over 10 years, managing the huge administrative load of a thriving community theatre. She’s also key to promoting the theatre, spearheading poster design, communicating with the all-important Friends List each month, Stage Managing and set designing for countless productions, and doing so much more that it’s impossible to do justice to her role — and her commitment.

Reiner gives his everything to the theatre, designing and building virtually every set for every play, designing and building props, listening and responding to the vision of a dozen different directors, and doing it all with his trademark smile, grace, and boundless energy. He has climbed — and unfortunately fallen from — the ladder of community theatre super stardom. You can’t be in the theatre and NOT see Reiner’s handiwork, including the installation of the new seats that Penny acquired from the National Arts Centre.

There are a few people who have made a lasting, tangible difference to the look and the feel and the future of the Studio Theatre. Penny and Reiner Silberhorn are certainly among that small and essential group.

Together, they have donated thousands of hours of their time contributing enormously to its success.

A heartfelt Congratulations goes to this irreplaceable husband and wife team, from their many theatre friends and colleagues.